Maravilloso trabajo

A mí me encanta la manera que trabaja Vanisa!!
Su técnica y paciencia es maravillosa y se nota la profundidad que hay detrás de su persona tiene todo que ver en los resultados de sus cuadros. Cada ves que veo sus cuadros en mi casa o en mi estudio de Yoga me alegra el día. Los colores y las combinaciones que utiliza son exquisitos.
Gracias de corazón Vanisa🙏

Sofi Gibson

Beautiful Sunshine Art

We love Sunshine at The Mind Body & Spirit Festival
Your Art is very beautiful inspiring uplifting & filled with positive energy.
Thank you for producing & presenting them
We look forward to seeing you & your Beautiful Sunshine Art.

Love & Light

Jacinta Hannon

Great mandala art transforms the heart

It was “love at first sight” when I saw Sunshine’s mandalas on Etsy. Her art is alive. If you are lucky enough to own an original or a print, you will know what I mean. I have her aboriginal mandala on my wall at home – every day it is a different painting.

All great art reflects and transforms mood and soul. Great mandala art goes farther, it not only brings you pleasure, it captures and alters you. Part of yourself is drawn into the pattern, then returns to you changed. Experiencing the the best mandala painting rearranges you, as you project and recollect yourself in the process of viewing. In the same way that listening to, say, Mozart uplifts and maybe purifies your soul. This same process is the gift of great mandalas. It is also Sunshine’s gift to our world.
–Tim Underwood

Tim Underwood

I first saw paintings by

I first saw paintings by Sunshine Art 2 years ago and was wowed not just by the beauty of them but the incredible skill and painstaking perfection. They have a special quality that holds your vision and touches your very soul. It’s very difficult to choose one as a favourite as I connected with so many of them. If you are spiritually minded or just love the colours and flawless artistic composition then you will fall in love with this artists work, I know I did!

Shaina Myers

“I get trapped into that beautiful universe of colours”

“I hang it in my living room able to watch it as often as I like and every time I glance at it I get trapped into that beautiful universe of colours gold turquoise and a special presence that Vanisa was able to create. It reminds me of my place in the connection in the All and that there is no separation…I feel very grateful to her and happy to have it with me. She is a very talented artist and I’m not the only one saying this all my friends visiting my house are hypnotized by this picture of her. Thanks Vanisa”

Paola Durando

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring artwork!

testimonial, painting, mandala, art, sunshine, sunshine art,

I first came across Vanisa’s artwork several years ago and immediately fell in love with the style, the colours and the energy behind the pieces. You can see that she truly loves what she creates. I’ve got a few of her pieces at home and any time someone comes over, they always point out to these amazing paintings.

Anya Andreeva

I enjoy them every day

I am the owner of several works of Sunshine and I enjoy them every day.

Conrad Hinun Wulf

Sunshine adds Sunshine to your life!

My first experience of Sunshine Art was at my brother’s house in Spain. Although he lived in a dark cottage with little natural light, Sunshine’s painting lit up the room and your eye was drawn towards it. Although we have no shortage of sunlight in Australia, I couldn’t wait to have some of Sunshine’s artwork for our new home in Perth and selected three stunning pieces from her excellent website and ordered effortlessly on-line. The paintings arrived beautifully wrapped and safely in time for Christmas. They are the pride and joy of our main entrance adding warmth and colour and positive energy. I couldn’t recommend this young talented artist enough. Who doesn’t need more Sunshine in their life!

Annabel Turner

Sunshine is amazing !!

Testimonial, painting, mandala, art, sunshine, sunshine art

Sunshine is one of the most beautiful, talented souls to meet. Not only is she beautiful inside and out, her artwork is incredible. From the little things to the big things, everything is made with such attention to detail and so much love and passion. 💜

Gabriella Flowerdew

“I use it for meditation & drives me to amazing states”

“I am in love with your paintings, they are gorgeous!! About the blue one, Im not sure if you know how amazing, powerful, full of energy, alive it is… I use it for meditation & drives me to amazing states. Your art is out of this planet, just perfect & hope you keep going doing what you do because it’s just amazing. Congratulations!!!! You have sooooo much beauty inside, also outside” 😊

Gema Huesco

Beauty, Positivety, and Light

I have two smaller paintings from Sunshine in my bedroom and they always lift my spirits when I look at them. I am about the redecorate my living room and my plan is to use one of Sunshine’s masterpieces as a central theme of the room.
Thank you so much for bringing the light, beauty and positivity into this world!!
With love, Masha xx

Masha Malka

Amazing mandala artist is highlight of our summer festival

Vanisa brings something special to our summer festival in San Pedro Alcantara, not only with her inspiring artwork, but also bringing her sunny personality along to liven up the weekend. I’ve been working with Vanisa for many years and am always amazed by her wonderful creations, the detailed and enchanting mandalas that are her main body of work.

Phil Speirs

Exquisite work

I have been an admirer of Sunshine Art’s paintings since I first saw them in an exhibition.
As a former teacher of art, I have seen a good few exhibitions over the years and I was spellbound by the quality and beauty of the paintings.
If you wish to use one as a Mandala, I can say they are quite mesmeric, and their beauty is totally in keeping with the activity (or non-activity) of meditation and the grace and elegance of Universal Energy.

Jan Sprenger

Vanisa is a skilled artist

testimonial, painting, mandala, art, sunshine, sunshine art,

Vanisa is a skilled artist & a cherished friend; Loving, warm, and nurturing, she is able to imbue all of her creative endeavours with her great personality, as she takes the time and effort to create beautiful works of art.

Candice Riding

Kindred Spirits

I have known Nisa for a few years. She is one of the most genuine spiritually gentle person I have met on my own spiritual journey. Her artwork is exquisite which matches her personality.

Karen Izzard

“gives me great joy”

“Do you know those times where your life under goes major changes? A real rollercoaster? I was experiencing just that (and still am) and I needed desperately something that would cheer me up, something I could say about ‘That is me, that is what I need’. And then a very good friend from the far away past (high school) pointed out to me the works by Sunsine. I looked through them and my eye fell upon a great Mandala made in Aboriginal dot style, with fresh colors jumping into the eye. And I realized ‘That is me, I want that one!’

So I got into contact with Sunshine, asked if she could ship to Israel, which was no problem, so all was arranged real smooth. Now the Mandala is hanging in my living room and it gives me great joy. Besides the freshness of the colors, the more you look at it the more different shapes and figures you find, people, butterflies, swirls and probably more I haven’t discovered yet. It is beautful and people who see it say what I thought: ‘Eric it is you!’

Sunshine is a very talented artist and her name speaks for itself, she brings sunshine into peoples life. I feel I also got myself a new friend, not just a piece of art.”

Eric Cohen

I sincerely love your work.

I love the refinement and colours in Vanisa ‘s artworks. They are an appeal to life, beauty and joy.

Josette Charret

Incredible energy and light emanate

olga, testimonial, sunshine art, art

Incredible energy and light emanate from Vanisa’s paintings. You can see that Vanisa works from her Heart and puts a lot of Love into her work. This is girl is incredible, she is so beautiful insight and out, you can witness this beauty through Vanisa’s paintings.

Olga Castillo

Reminds me every day of love

Testimonial, painting, mandala, art, sunshine, sunshine art,

Sunshine is a skilled Mandala painter and artist. Her works reflects the beauty of her soul and pure love for what she does. She paints with a beautiful energy. I have one amazing artwork at home, it reminds me every day of love around me.

Erika Lehmusvirta


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