“gives me great joy”

“Do you know those times where your life under goes major changes? A real rollercoaster? I was experiencing just that (and still am) and I needed desperately something that would cheer me up, something I could say about ‘That is me, that is what I need’. And then a very good friend from the far away past (high school) pointed out to me the works by Sunsine. I looked through them and my eye fell upon a great Mandala made in Aboriginal dot style, with fresh colors jumping into the eye. And I realized ‘That is me, I want that one!’

So I got into contact with Sunshine, asked if she could ship to Israel, which was no problem, so all was arranged real smooth. Now the Mandala is hanging in my living room and it gives me great joy. Besides the freshness of the colors, the more you look at it the more different shapes and figures you find, people, butterflies, swirls and probably more I haven’t discovered yet. It is beautful and people who see it say what I thought: ‘Eric it is you!’

Sunshine is a very talented artist and her name speaks for itself, she brings sunshine into peoples life. I feel I also got myself a new friend, not just a piece of art.”