Mandala Painting – Alhambra Dreams


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Mandala Painting – Alhambra Dreams

This is Mandala Painting – Alhambra Dreams was inspired by the the Alhambra in Granada. I love the precise, geometrical designs.

Materials: Acrylic and oil paint. 24 karat gold leaf, Swarovski crystals.

Size: 1 m x 1 m.

– If you would like this design but prefer a different size or colour of this painting on canvas please contact me for further details.

– The sides of the canvas are painted so it’s ready to hang and enjoy.

– I pour my heart into these paintings so all paintings are wrapped with care before being shipped.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING with registered post.

What is the Meaning of Mandala?

The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” Even though it may be have features like squares or triangles, a mandala always has a concentric (circular) nature.

Symbolic Meaning of Mandala. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. The meanings of mandala depends upon color, geometric elements and culture.

The goal of the mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it symbolizes cosmic and psychic order.

Mandalas have been used by lots of culturs. From Buddhism to Hinduisim, Aboriginal to Hopi…even ancient alchemy – to be sure, mandalas have served mankind for centuries. The famed Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung, employed the mandala in his work with clients. He felt when concentrated upon (explained in this article) deeper human consciousness became elevated to an extend the conscious was able to receive revelation about about the true potential and wholeness of the self.

How do I use a mandala?

Along with the meaning of mandala, comes the use of it. There are many uses, the following paragraghs will outline the basic process.

The design of the mandala is to be visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease, and a more philosophic or spiritual essence envelopes the observer which in turn leads to higher consciousness or awareness. In short, a mandala can be seen as a hypnotic, letting the creative hemisphere of our mind run a little more free while our analytical mind takes a little nap.

That said, we use the mandala as a form of meditation for the purpose of gaining knowledge, primarily the kind that resides within each of us.

Before meditating, we must first set an intention. Normally, we select a mandala that appeals to us. It is good to know what the meaning of mandala you’ve chosen – or set your own meanings/intention before focusing on it.

For example, focusing Native American labringth mandala, we know this meaning of mandala relates to beginnings, our enternal nature, and how this is relative to our life journey. So, before meditating on the mandala we set the intention to more clearly understand our life journey, or be shown guidance in a particular area we are having trouble on the path.

Once we have set our intention, we begin to focus on the mandala. Let your eyes take in the beauty of the designs, allowing your mind to wander as it will.



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