Handmade Hair Feather Clip – Green Goose Feather


Handmade Hair Feather Clip – Green Goose Feather

This handmade hair feather clip has been painted with acrylic paint on a wooden disk. The green mandala has been created using an Aboriginal style technique.  Swarovski’s beads are placed at the top and bottom of the disks.

The beautiful feather that is seen on this feather has been donated by Sunshine’s very own goose. He has very strong and courageous energy. Chip has often protected his partner Lulu against many wild dog attacks and is a devoted, caring and loyal partner.  Whilst you wear this handmade hair feather clip you will carry this strong and protective energy.

This Handmade Hair Feather Clip will fit securely into the hair with a strong clip. So you will not have to worry it will fall out.

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